Sweet Success Coaching is all about helping you to make connections. Connections with behavioural patterns and outcomes; connections with activities and outcomes; and a more helpful connection with yourself. I work one2one with clients mainly online or from the Studio at Motus Training in Atherstone on Stour (Covid-19 rules apply). I also work on site with businesses as part of Motus Training's Corporate Wellbeing Programme

I work with corporates, small business owners and individuals as a Business and Executive Coach. I help you develop your potential for growth by unlocking the mental barriers which have held you back so far. I'm also particularly interested in helping individuals and businesses develop resilience. Mental wellbeing is a major factor in any business' staff absence profile today. There is a high cost to individuals and businesses as a consequence of staff absence, and with a little upfront investment, this cost can be dramatically reduced or even avoided altogether.

I'm a believer in the power of story-telling and metaphor to help offer alternative perspectives and create behavioural shifts for you. You are never too old for Dr Seuss: this wonderful story describes the journey of life (and how we get stuck) beautifully. Oh the places you will go!