"I started working with Meriel in July 2013 with the aims of improving my work/life balance to enable me to spend more time with my daughter, to take my business onto the next level and to look at ways to help me maintain my focus and positive attitude.

What has been interesting about the process is that my goals have evolved: what I thought I wanted were not in fact an accurate reflection of where I wanted to be.
With my business I was already very goal-orientated but through our work together I have learned to take a broader perspective which has helped me join up the various areas of my life and change my perspective on a what a "successful day" or week, looks like. This has been invaluable and something I may have taken a long time to realise myself without Meriel's skilled questioning and facilitation.

One of Meriel's particular skills is to help you establish which behaviours or pieces of language are useful for each individual - we are all different. This is something that has not always been evident when I have had coaching in the past which can feel like you are being led and guided along a fixed pathway. Working with a coach like Meriel is very much a process that requires commitment over an extended period of time. Many changes are seemingly small when you first start to apply them, but I can now see the results multiplying.

Ultimately I feel I have become more successful, not only in business but as a person; a fiancee, a father, a son, a brother and a friend. Overall I am happier and less stressed. I am still working on improving the consistency of my approach and mindset and I intend coaching to be an integral part of my life going forward. I am very much looking forward to continuing this successful partnership with Meriel.

Darren Putt, Director, Motus Training

"Meriel helped me realise my company was in a state of transition … suddenly, the fog lifted and I realised the crossroads was actually a signpost directing me forward." Sonia Hiley, Cotswold Angel.

" … a fantastic gift of being able to develop and guide individuals along either a personal or professional path of their choosing. She is able to approach this in a non-intrusive but supportive capacity which is refreshing to see and be a part of. " Ali Murphy, AHR Solutions Ltd

"… a beacon of inspiration … she has the integrity and trustworthiness to deliver what she says she'll deliver. " Paul Crittenden, Think Be Perform

"Meriel is extremely approachable and we clicked straight away. I was looking for some space and structure to think through a significant change of direction following a particularly stressful working period. Meriel helped me enormously, and I hope we'll stay in touch. It's true that you don't realise how bad things are until someone helps you to get out of the situation and look back with sanity." Anon, legal professional