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You can find me working as an Associate Coach at Motus Training ( Some time ago we made a little video (nine minutes actually) to explain to Motus clients a little about what I do. If you would like to watch, we've uploaded it to YouTube. Inspired by the process of making our first video, we then produced a second one which is about fear, limiting beliefs and what holds you back. It's half the length of the first video, so we are getting more succinct. Again, it's on YouTube

I also like to share videos and articles that have had a major impact on me which I hope you will find useful as resources. 

Perhaps my favourite right now is a TED talk on how focus works. Clients often find this theory life-changing. The talk was given by Blaine Oelkers about WYTAYBA - what you think about you bring about.

This TED Talk by Brene Brown on Vulnerability is fantastic. About 20 mins long. It applies to us all.

And then there's Tim Urban's take on Procrastination. Very funny indeed. Been there, done that!

James Geary's talk on Metaphor is a fascinating insight into the language we use every day and how to communicate more effectively.