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Bring me sunshine

The International Day of Happiness shone brightly on us on 22nd March. Just the day before a client had told me they simply wanted to feel happy.

I found it quite easy to think of all the things which contribute to my happiness. Many of them are relatively constant, but not all. And I think that we have an expectation that once happiness has arrived, it never leaves. Happiness is definitely a journey and not a destination. 

The notion of reward as an interesting one. So often applied to food. But it's also applied to happiness. I've been good so I'll treat myself to a positive experience and then I'll feel happy. Does that sound familiar? Rewarding ourselves with positive experiences makes them the exception rather than the rule. Why is happiness a reward rather than a lifestyle choice?

Unsurprisingly, my Note from The Universe which arrived on 20th March, was happiness themed. It said:

"Do you think most realise, Meriel, that what they are really after is more 'living', not more 'rewards'? Yet by conditioning the former upon the latter, they have a tough time with both? Yeah, not yet, but one day they will. Tallyho, The Universe."

If you are interested in finding your happiness, give me a shout. And in the meantime, this little song from Morecambe and Wise will surely put a smile on your face :o)


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