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Wow, now you can buy spray-on Great Stuff!

Until the really "great" stuff comes along, Meriel, do the not-so-great stuff. The not-so-great stuff always leads to the great stuff. Whereas doing nothing pretty much leads to nowhere. And do it with a passion. Tallyho,  The Universe

I can't believe this picture, can you? I always try to find images to accompany my blog posts and so Googled 'Great Stuff'. I couldn't believe my eyes when it returned loads of results of this US product. Hilarious! I guess if it does what it says on the tin, then it's Great Stuff.

I digress. I'm thinking about the preparation for and anticipation of Christmas. Metaphorically. If you are like me, then you do many little things throughout the year to prepare. I make most of my Christmas presents (usually jam) so it's a year-long activity. But with some loved ones, I see things they might like and buy them at the time, rather than waiting for December and participating in festive shopping. Although I have to admit I absolutely LOVE christmas shopping. Even though it's usually horribly busy, it's so wonderful buying great gifts for people you love.

Every time I make something, see something, buy something, think about something (for a gift), it's an example of the 'not so great stuff' that leads to the 'great stuff' when that gift is received.

Every time I write a blog, send a Tweet, post on LinkedIn, send a cold-email, ask a client for a referral. It's all the 'not so great'. And you know what, it always, always, leads to Great Stuff.

So next time you feel like you are pushing treacle up a stick, remember that great things will happen as a result.

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